Hot Stone Massage

Top Ten Benefits to Hot Stone Massage  hot_stone_massage

by Tara Lukezic & Mélissa Cowl

1.  Stress Reduction!  Massage is always a good way to relieve stress.  Studies shothat stress is the root of many of illnesses and diseases.  Hot Stone Massage can help manage physical and emotional stress simply by tapping into the areas where we hold our stress.

2.  Many people report a better night’s sleep after HSM.  It stand to reason that if we reduce stress, even for a short time, because we heat and work areas of tension, that the body can rest and relax better which gives us improved quality of sleep.  We all know that good sleep can fix a lot of other problems in our lives. 

3.  HSM, like other massage therapies, can improve circulation.  Think about this:  Heat improves circulation.  Massage improves circulation.  The energy flow is improved with this warming combination.  Together just makes good sense from a circulatory system perspective. 

4.  Pain relief!  Often massage can relieve pain all on its own.  With the use of hot stones, the muscles are better able to relax and release and let go of pain.

5.  Muscles respond will to manipulation when heat is applied.  For people who need deeper work to alleviate certain conditions, heat in the area can ease the muscle into releasing toxins and lactic acid which may have been built up.

6. More and more doctors and alternative health care practitioners are beginning to recommend this HSM as part of medical treatment for conditions such as Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Fibromylagia as well as musculoskeletal problems.

7. HSM is the best form of detox and rehab that we can think of!  Low back pain, strains, sprains, tennis elbow and a variety of other ailments respond well to massage combined with heat.  

8. Touch!  Sometimes just the warmth of the stones and the touch of gentle, caring hands makes you feel loved and cared for.  We all need a little more of that in our lives.  Make time for it.

9.  Massage releases toxins. Plain and simple.  Studied and researched.

10. If massage can relax the body, release toxins, warm muscles, ease pain and heat is often a source of comfort for many people, it stands to reason that it makes us healthier and happier individuals.