Patient Gratitude

Gratitude Dr. Guild has helped me a lot with the do’s and don’ts, and  helped me with exercising and understanding my body. Thank you Dr. Guild.

– Eileen M.

Both [my daughter] and I have benefited not only from regular adjustments but also from Dr. Guild’s warm hugs, lifestyle advice and several “special” appointments we’ve needed outside of her office hours. We feel so blessed to have Dr. Guild in our lives. She is truly an excellent chiropractor as well as a loving, genuine and trusted friend to our family.
– Rachel C.

Once I started my appointments with Sunyatta, my quality of life changed.
                – Erin T.

I know that Dr. Guild’s adjustments take pressure off my nerves so my body can receive all the healing messages my brain tries to send, so that I can heal NATURALLY! Whenever I get symptoms of an oncoming cold or flu, I get adjusted and 99% of the time I can ward off the virus.  I am a personal trainer now and very physically active. I am also almost 50 years old, but can continue working as a trainer because Dr. Guild helps to keep me limber.  What I love most about going to Dr Guild, though, is she doesn’t just adjust your subluxations, she actually CARES about you and your health.
– Laura G.

Because of the warm, welcoming atmosphere by Sunyatta’s assistants, Wendy and Mélissa, and of course the beautiful dogs, the clinic is a cozy, comfortable place. All in all, the Guild clinic is an interesting, pleasant place to receive expert care and advice. I highly recommend it.
– Dolores H.

For anyone with low back pain, keep a positive mental state and continue with your chiropractic program. Your body will self heal with some help and surgery should be an absolute last resort. I cannot praise Sunyatta and her approach enough as I now have my health back.
– Craig B.

gratitudeChriopractic care is critical to my daily functioning. When I was a teenager I had two concussions within six months and medication, massage and conventional doctors did not help me as much as chiropractic. I love coming to see Dr. Guild and her team. They are like family.
                – Nicole L.

I have come to Sunyatta for my aches and pains and always feel better after. Sunyatta is very knowledgeable. The staff is wonderful and without their friendly email reminders I would probably not come as often as I should. It is a very comfortable, warm, loving environment which is very welcoming.
– Andrea W.

Chiropractic has made a great difference in my life. Dr Sunyatta Guild and her staff are a pleasure to be involved with. Very informative and her treatments have made me feel great. I can tell when I don’t go or miss an appointment, I want to get back in for a new appointment so I will feel recharged again!
                – Doreen M.

I was nervous and used to my old Chiropractor and was worried I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but lucky for me I was completely wrong. Dr. Guild and the staff made me feel comfortable and put my anxiety at ease and that is the most important thing when seeing a Chiropractor, because if you don’t feel comfortable with what they are doing, you never will. You have to find that person you connect with then your body can start to heal itself with proper adjustments.
– Nicole V.

Chiropractic medicine has made a huge impact on our lives. My husband is able to function normally again, and without pain. I now tell my friends and family, when they complain about back pain or neck pain, to go see Sunyatta immediately. The sooner the problem is seen to, the better the results, and the sooner life can go back to normal, and the less damage is incurred. Thank you, Sunyatta, for improving [my husband]’s quality of life, and also our family’s.
– Joyce D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Guild’s for over ten years. It is a comfort to know Dr. Guild and her great staff are here to keep me on the path of wellness!
– Noreen M.

Whenever I have “twinges” from gardening, painting the ceiling, moving furniture, etc I know Sunyatta can find exactly the right spot and put me “back” on the right track.
– Darlene M.