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Dr. Guild is such a knowledgable and gentle chiropractor. She listens to you and works really hard to make sure that you always feel comfortable. Dr. Guild is also just really great at what she does! I went in because I had bad neck pain that was keeping me up at night. Even after the first adjustment my neck felt so much better and now after going for a few months I feel much better overall! The office staff are also very nice to deal with and they are always very flexible and willing to change appointments with little notice.

Kate C.

Sunyatta has been a sincere healer and incredible helper to myself and family.
She has a wonderful approach as a Chiropractor, and is always willing to take the time to explain an issue. Gentle healing hands and a friendly atmosphere - set you up nicely for an effective treatment.

Kevin R.

Dr Guild has been straightening out my body for many years now, she does a great job and whats more, she is a great person. I also pick her brains shamelessly- when doctor tells me something I don't understand I ask Sunyatta for help, she explains it to me. I'm a bit like Winnie the Pooh... 'I'm a bear of very little brain and long words bother me'. Sunyatta explains long words to me.

John M.

Both [my daughter] and I have benefited not only from regular adjustments but also from Dr. Guild’s warm hugs, lifestyle advice and several “special” appointments we’ve needed outside of her office hours. We feel so blessed to have Dr. Guild in our lives. She is truly an excellent chiropractor as well as a loving, genuine and trusted friend to our family.

Rachel C.

“For anyone with low back pain, keep a positive mental state and continue with your chiropractic program. Your body will self heal with some help and surgery should be an absolute last resort. I cannot praise Sunyatta and her approach enough as I now have my health back.”

Craig B.

“Chiropractic medicine has made a huge impact on our lives. My husband is able to function normally again, and without pain. I now tell my friends and family, when they complain about back pain or neck pain, to go see Sunyatta immediately. The sooner the problem is seen to, the better the results, and the sooner life can go back to normal, and the less damage is incurred. Thank you, Sunyatta, for improving [my husband]’s quality of life, and also our family’s.”

Joyce D.

“I was nervous and use to my old Chiropractor, and was worried I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but lucky for me I was completely wrong. Dr. Guild and the staff made me feel comfortable and put my anxiety at ease and that is the most important thing when seeing a Chiropractor, because if you don’t feel comfortable with what they are doing, you never will. You have to find that person you connect with, then your body can start to heal itself with proper adjustments.
– Nicole V.”

Nicole V.

“Whenever I have “twinges” from gardening, painting the ceiling, moving furniture, etc I know Sunyatta can find exactly the right spot and put me “back” on the right track.”

Darlene M.

“I have come to Sunyatta for my aches and pains and always feel better after. Sunyatta is very knowledgeable. The staff is wonderful and without their friendly email reminders I would probably not come as often as I should. It is a very comfortable, warm, loving environment which is very welcoming.”

Andrea W.

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