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No Better Time Than Now


We use a variety of training tools and techniques, as well as nutritional advice to align with the individual needs of each client.

Personal training is coaching in various forms of physical activity and movement to help you reach your personal fitness goals. A personal trainer will take time to discuss and assess your individual needs, your current fitness levels, your dietary choices and your desired goals. Your trainer will then design a specific program that will enable you to achieve the results you want more effectively, efficiently and safely, with less likelihood of injury. A trainer will work with you to keep your workouts fresh and challenging, as well as to motivate you to continually strive for the fitness levels you desire.

There are many benefits to personal training including:

• weight loss

• improved body image

• stress relief

• improved muscle strength and endurance

• improved flexibility and agility

• improved sports performance

• increased bone density

• decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

• increased ability to perform activities of daily life

• increased energy

• better sleep patterns

• maintenance and improvement of an active lifestyle

Clients who have struggled for years to reach their fitness goals on their own find great success with personal training once they make the commitment to hire a professional fitness coach who understands their individual needs, and knows how to motivate them to go after their goals in a safe, effective manner.

We offer competitive rates and package deals for one-on-one and small group training to suit any budget.  Please call us for more information.  Call us for a complimentary fitness assessment to see where your fitness level is at!

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