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Personalized Care

Children and adults seek counselling when they are experiencing changes in their lives and they want help with the transition and adjustment to these changes. Some come to get help with managing stress, anxiety, anger, or depression. Some feel stuck as they keep repeating negative behaviours and making bad choices, and they feel powerless to change. Others seek help because they are experiencing feelings that they don’t understand and these feelings are affecting their ability to function normally or cope. Others come just to have a sounding board and check themselves out.

The reasons that people begin counselling are as diverse and as personal as the individual seeking therapy. Counselling and therapy can be a very useful resource for dealing with any issue or crisis.


Here are a few of the benefits that counselling and therapy can provide:

* Safe place and time to focus on self

* Reduce and relieve anxiety, worry, guilt, or stress

* Increases ability to cope with trauma, depression, PTSD

* Assists in the process of making changes in thoughts and behaviour

* Develop self-esteem and confidence

* Improve communication skills, relationships

* Gain problem solving skills and coping strategies

* Increase insight and self awareness

* Bring a greater peace of mind and improved well being

The counselling process provides a safe, supportive, environment to work through issues and receive skills and tools to cope and deal with problems and barriers that you confront. It can motivate and empower your life.

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